Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Director: Nancy Barton

Nancy Barton is an artist, writer and educator with interests in collaborative and experimental art models, psychoanalytic theory, and opera; Her work has been shown at many venues including MoMA, American Fine Arts, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, and Shoshana Wayne Gallery. Her writing has been included in RealLife Magazine, Work and The Image, ed Griselda Pollock, ArtUS, and is forthcoming in Lacanian Ink. She has chaired the department of Art at New York University, and the Photography Department at Otis College of Art.


  1. Nancy
    Just was thinking of looking you up.
    Lynn D from Moorpark College. Your looking
    great. Lynn

  2. Hi Nancy,
    We haven't met, but I heard you speak on the upstate NPR the other day.
    My name is Diane. I am a (lasped) artist, encaustic painter, living in Williamsburg, BK, and I come up to Prattsville often because my boyfriend owns a house on Wright St. I just love Prattsville.
    We were happy to see some art happenings at the end of the street here and I'd like to send you my applause. It would be nice to meet someday. Please keep me posted, I'd like to lend my support somehow.
    -Diane Apostolacus

  3. Is there a street address for the Prattsville Art Center?

  4. Dear Prattsville Art Center,

    I hope this finds you well! I'm producing a ‘no-budget’ independent feature film entitled, My First Kiss and the People Involved, a coming-of-age thriller experienced through the eyes of a girl with autism. Production is set to begin in June. Our cast and crew will be staying nearby and we would love to connect with you to tell you more about our project. We might have some opportunities to collaborate.

    Please email me as soon as you have a chance: Thank you!

  5. Hey Nancy!
    I hope you are doing well! Check out my new site: